STAYING CURRENT. Imagine a river. Floating, you have passed the sudden bend.
Ahead you see yet another twist in the winding river’s course. You are not
looking back, not anticipating… just staying with the current. You allow yourself
to be carried forward naturally, laughing with the joy of the river’s flow.

You may have been told, “Don’t make waves.” But you do make waves! You are
meant to make waves, because you are, in fact, a wave. You are dancing light,
moving through space and time, expanding, changing shape and form, always

Stop holding back. Stop pulling against the tide. Stop clinging to the shore. Stop
resisting letting go. Say yes to the unknown that is far on a distant horizon and
rush into it. Life is here. Life is having kissed the shore and let go to allow
yourselves to be pulled back into a vast ocean of experience.