TELLING TRUTH IN A TONE-DEAF WORLD. Your days are filled with much that
is unnecessary. You make much ado about nothing. You are bombarded with
noise that clouds and confuses. You subject yourself and succumb to the

There are those who speak truth among you, but you have grown hard of hearing.
You tire of changing stations, of tuning in and tuning out to the turn of the trick.
You grow weary of attending the exposition of the fraudulent and the famous of
the moment. You search endlessly for truth and yet you fear both knowing it and
not knowing it.

You see yourselves as jaded, jilted one too many times, left standing at the altar of
confession. And so you stammer into silence, numbing yourselves with too much
spice of life. Or you stimulate yourselves with sounds of static, silence, or
smashing symbols, depending on the day – anything you presume might substitute
for the voice of truth you alternatively seek and avoid. You tell yourselves truth
has vanished from your world.

Listen. Really listen, and then tell me what is true.