TRAJECTORY. Many of you encounter a moment that is magical and meet the
image of all that is possible for you magnified in the mirror of another. Usually,
this occurs when you happen upon one you did not expect to find here, in this
place, in this time.

Just as quickly as you found it, the magic disappears and the glaring lights come
on just before you take the stage, blinding you. Or maybe the leading man or lady
walks off stage, leaving you looking like a fool, standing in the spotlight wearing
the naked look of love. Left with nothing to say, you freeze.

Off stage, you grieve as unseen forces tear at your hearts and pull you apart.
Worlds are lost. You have been changed forever by the soul of another, in which
you have seen yourself whole, at peace, loved beyond measure. What was given
has been taken back, and nothing makes sense anymore.

It seems to you senseless that such a thing could be seized, held hostage or
removed almost before you could catch your breath. Your hearts, after what
seemed a single beat of wholeness, break now with their every beat. And, despite
the purest desire to return to that place where you belong, life’s trajectory, set by
the free will of all involved, will not allow it.