UNLIMITED DIRECTION. To this point in human history, our ideas of change have
been defined by all that we have encountered along our journey through this life.
What we see has been informed by the vision seen in our mind’s eye.

We focus forward on the future and reach toward it. This is a good start we have
made, but it is only a partial revelation. This is but one fractal of time – a singular
direction limited by where we believe we have come from, by where we find
ourselves right now and by where we have imagined ourselves to be going.

In truth, there is no need for reaching, for revelation is the very substrate from
which patterns of change emerge. Likewise, change itself morphs and becomes
multidimensional, no more limited by the shape and form of who we have been to
ourselves and to others.

See yourselves as a cycle of change, works of art splashed with the life of color
and the dance of the brush across canvas. You are the masterpiece and the master,
the medium and the moment in which a creation is being born.

Direction becomes irrelevant. Commit to the dance, to everything and to no thing
at all. You have no need for remembering the words or mastering the tune, for
you are the song itself and the melody rising in the wind, ever being formed and
finding your resting place in the place the song was born.