UNVEILED. On Earth, so many of you who have had a glimpse of the hereafter
choose to see it as separate from and other than. And then there are those of you
who are more awakened, and yet, you, too, would cast aside the world that is your
home in favor of the home you left behind.

This world is a world waiting to be born, held within the very womb of heaven’s
grace. You must be born to it first and allow its divine splendor to be revealed in
due time. You come to Earth and are immersed in the slower yearning to become.
Some of you grow impatient, for the veil between the truth within your hearts and
its very beating is thin. You are blessed, and yet you remain blinded to the beauty
of being where you are.

There are day you live in the here and now as if walking through a fog of
forgetfulness. You have forgotten what you know: that on this journey, you
yourself are the gift and the giver. You yourself gave up everything you knew to
receive it all again. And here you resist receiving the very gift you asked for.

Wake up!

When you catch a single ray of truth, allow it to pierce that veil of separateness
you have pulled between you here and you there. It is merely something you have
used to fool yourself, to shield your soul from a truth you think might kill you. In fact,
it will bring you back to the full and abundant life waiting for you where you
are right now.

We are never really alone. We are connected in a matrix of soul, uniquely formed
with intricate diversity and woven into whole worlds of universal love. It is the
kaleidoscope of life, patterns being rearranged to the delight of the one gazing
through the looking glass and diving in to where we have always belonged.