WAKING UP. We are travelers on a common journey. The first step
to the next step on that journey is for each of us, beginning in this moment,
to clear limiting beliefs we have formed because others could not
acknowledge the truth of their own souls and, as such, could not have
dared to see us for who we truly are. The next step to the next step
is to see our way back to our soul’s inexpressible beauty and to
celebrate that. Wildly!

There are easier ways to wake up than for your entire body to reverberate
to the sound of a harsh doorbell at six o’clock in the morning. Yet, this is
the situation you now find yourselves in. Listen for the gentle hum of your life.
Almost imperceptible at first, it will stir you back into the opportunity
of the moment.

In the stillness there is a song that rises up within you. And it is unlike
the song of any other. It is yours alone to sing, and in the singing you
will remember. As you remember more of who you have always been,
your song will carry on the wind. And more of you will be awakened
to your soul’s song rising. And soon the universe will harmonize
to the beauty of your voices, and your hearts will become an
unstoppable chorus of change.