WHERE’S YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR? You trounce through your whole lives
serious and dutiful and miss the punch line. You begin as little children laughing
and, if others are fulfilling their purpose, your sole purpose is to play and to tap
a deep reservoir of joy.

Sadly, many of you actually mastered this first class but were then misdirected
by your own parents and certainly by society. You were told to behave and play
follow-the-leader. Problem is, the self-appointed leaders were moving in small circles.
It is truly funny to watch it from afar. But it breaks you. And that is no laughing matter.

See if you can go back before the dour deciders directed you on a path altogether
palatable but bland and boring. Can you remember the pure joy of greeting the dawn?
Can you remember when you knew, unequivocally and without a moment’s hesitation,
that life was a surprise every day? If you can no longer recall the feeling, let’s play
“make believe.”

Now, some of you arrived here and were so awake upon your arrival that you were
quite literally terrified of what you found in this place. Jolted into the reality that this life
would be no picnic, you hit the panic button and begged with your very souls to go back.
But there is no going back. When you’re here, you are here. So make the best of it.

If you have been sad, give yourself a comedy hour. Every day. Seek curiosity. Do the
chicken dance. Laugh out loud at this upside-down world spilled out like a box of toys
in a toddler’s play room. Insist on finding pleasure. Resist the urge to wallow in the
plentiful pain. In short, get a sense of humor.