of a newborn babe, you see clearly now the limitations you have believed to be.
All is coming into focus. Time begins now to expand outward in ever-widening
circles of trust. Trust in the here and now. Trust in what has always been.
Trust in what is becoming even now.

And the feeling of your magical place is rooted within the soul. It is an ever-expanding
universe where you can become. What’s it like? Are there rainbows and waterfalls
or a summer field? Are there butterflies and unicorns? Is your magical universe
a scene right out of the Jetsons?

Whatever it is, smile. You have envisioned a world to which you will always belong.
In the beginning, you were. In the beginning, I am.

Speak! Speak a soliloquy of syllables. Sing the symphony of you. Allow it to trickle
down, to bubble up and then to cascade through your cells. Feel the vibration of this,
“Yes!” and the resonance of the reservoir of truth welling up within.

Welcome to the world. With eyes wide open, your hearts will now become a portal
to the truth of who you’ve always been. Bathed fresh in these embryonic waters of life,
you will emerge whole from this time of endings and take your first breaths, your
first steps. You will speak your very first words in a language imprinted on your
hearts before time began.

From this beautiful unfolding, peace will multiply. Division will be no more. There
will be no “other.” Only the One. Only the dazzling sun and silver moon. Only
endless sky with a billion stars. And a twinkle in your eye.