A LIFE Curriculum: Living in Full Expression

A Personal Note from Dawn

Wow! Sometimes the “miracles” that are right there in front of me simply take my breath away. There is much I am still moving through. Much is unfolding. The past two weeks have included difficult experiences to traverse for me and, I know, for many of you. In the midst of these challenges, a way has been and is opening up. This is what “walking in the way” is all about for me. (I post my video blog by that name at Soul Streams). 

In today’s post here I am thrilled to introduce
the LIFE Curriculum for Living in Full Expression!


The guidance I have received with quiet nudges from within and from quite dramatic shifts without have made it clear to me that there can be no further delay for any reason whatseover. As I sat beside my still waters with tears and asked to receive guidance, I did not anticipate hearing that I was to go back to my home, get a particular journal, create a numbered list and write the framework. Now!

IMG_6116There is a part of me that really wanted this LIFE Curriculum to be more “complete” and polished before I shared it. In fact, I had a whole different vision for how it would be shared. I have been thinking it would be released in conjunction with another project I had, until recently, been working on. When it became apparent that would not be possible at this time, my heart was grieving. So I sat. And I sat.

These days, I’m living in spacious surrender, and my soul’s desire is to follow the still, small voice within. While this isn’t the way I would have planned it, it seems perfect. Somehow, as I look at this framework for a LIFE curriculum, I see it is so beautiful. And I am grateful.

I suppose I had to live with the content of Cultivating Essence (FREE e-book here) and lead the three Soul Journeys
to allow that to sink in fully. Maybe I really did need the swift-current changes I have experienced over the past several weeks, too. Who knows. In any case, I will be working to flesh this out and bring all of the pieces together into a cohesive and fuller articulation as I am able.

It is my hope to share it with those who might most benefit, particularly in social institutions such as prisons, hospitals, treatment centers and similar places.

I will need your help to do that. Please be in touch with ideas or any support you may wish to contribute to the larger vision. Specifically, I am in need of funding to make this available.

With gratitude…

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Dawn Richerson is a soul explorer and journey guide who is passionate about an inside-out approach to life and business. She is the author of Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul and other books on spirituality, healing and wholeness. More about Dawn.

P.S. Please leave a comment below with ideas on how we might share this!

About the LIFE Curriculum for Living in Full Expression

Soul Essence Art Exploration GraphicThere are 90 Momentum Action Pathways (MAPs) total. Together, they really do provide a map for awakening the world within, finding our forward flow and embracing a new vision for the nexus of change. The screen shots below are of the first page of each of the curriculum overviews for the three levels – Formation, ReFormation and TransFormation, which correspond to the passages within the three movements of Cultivating Essence (Genesis, Flow, Revelation).

The LIFE Curriculum will contain SEEDS practices for the Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self, including exploration through art (Soul Essence Art Exploration) and more. My focus right now is on immersing myself in the curriculum in the same way I have immersed myself in the content of the book, a “message in a bottle for the world.”

If you are reading this and are excited by the potential for this approach or have ideas for sharing it with the world or in a particular setting, I’d love to hear from you and connect for a  conversation. For now, here’s a sneak peak at the curriculum overview.


A LIFE Curriculum for Core Connection

Awaken the World Within for a New BeginningFormation Curriculum Graphic


A LIFE Curriculum for Integration and Flow

Find Your Forward Flow from the Fertile Crescent of Hope

REFORMATION A LIFE Curriculum for Finding Our Forward Flow

















A LIFE Curriculum for Radiant Expansion

Embrace a New Vision for the Nexus of Change

TRANSFORMATION A LIFE Curriculum for Embracing a New Vision for the Nexus of Change

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