RETRIEVAL. If you have lost your way or lost sight of the full flame of freedom,
all is not lost. The way back begins with seeing the holy in the ordinary. In
fragments of time and in the people passing by, look for the miracle. Believe and
seek to see again. Your sight will be restored as you recommit to acts of soul
retrieval that begin with simple observation.

Two minutes a day can lead you into ten and then you will find an hour has
passed and your heart has been held in harmony with the hallowed Earth and
heaven has come closer than you ever knew it to be. And the free hours will be
magnified into days and then sweeping vistas of freedom unfolding to infinity.

Retrieval begins with a single choice to reach within and reconnect with a core
essence you may not at first remember. Trust that it is there. Listen to the stillness.
Be with you without the trappings of the life you think to be free. Release them all
and come fully present to all that is unknown. Know you are, and soon you will
begin to understand who you are.