TRAIL MIX. We don’t set out knowing what’s in store for us in this journey we
call life. We carry a bit of trail mix in our pocket – something to snack upon.
Sometimes that is more than enough.

Then, almost without warning, we find ourselves standing on a new frontier, on
the line between all we have ever known and the field of our future. We see rivers
making their way to a sea of untapped potential. Dreams we never knew we had
appear on a far-off horizon.

In these moments, we may reach into our pockets for our meager bag of trail mix
and convince ourselves we are totally unprepared and incapable of making such an
arduous journey into the great unknown. And then some of us dare to take a single step in a new
direction and find a mystery, a miracle and the full measure of magnificence
contained within a moment.

Life rises up to meet us on our way, and we are surprised. Pack your trail mix, but
fix your eyes on the way that opens up when you dare to step out of your comfort
zone and into a new story.