Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

We’re changing, growing, becoming something more. Help me add to and refine this list, and let’s cocreate a MAP – Momentum Action Pathways – for sustainable systems for humanity. Let’s add definition to our new way of being as we move in the direction of our collective dream for a better experience of being on the way. Peruse this list and leave a comment here or on social media.


How We’ve Done It                            How We’re Doing It

External locus of control Internal locus of control
Exploration of outer space Exploration of inner space
Ego / Mind / Pseudo-selves / Driven by Emotion or Lower Frequencies Soul / Essence / Essential Self / Higher Self
I will be happy, at peace, well when X happens I am happy, well, at peace right now in this moment
Outside-in approach Inside-out approach
Waiting to “go home” Know we are home
Need more information, endless search or quest for knowledge We are in formation, and we are aware we already have all we need
Polarization, chaotic energy, divided attention, scattered focus Still centerpoint, expanded awareness
Fragmentation Integration
Scarcity Abundance
Stuck in nowhere, spinning in circles In the flow, now here
Waiting for right time when we will know, understand, have what we need, feel the energy / flow Meaning, movement, forward momentum right now, in this moment
Separation Oneness
Seek enlightenment from other masters, teachers, peers, those further along the path Understand that we are the masters, enlightenment = seeing the light within
Need to fix, control, correct, judge Release attachment, inner knowing that all is well
Right / wrong Honor individual choice
Some have special gifts and are extraordinary, this is uncommon Each and every one is a unique, valuable expression of the Divine
Change dependent on permission, change or action by some other person, group or system Change begins within, the power lies within you and you have all you need
Mind, thinking, analysis Heart, being, bliss, inner guidance
Repeated patterns of drama, trauma Detachment, neutrality
Heaven as a distant dream, something remote, then and there Kingdom of heaven lies within, is here and now
Reaction to, rush to fix, immediate need to comment Responsibility with, witness to, observer of
Forgetfulness, asleep Remembering, awake
Put life on hold until… Say YES to your life today
What you assess, measure, prove What you embrace, experience
Absorbing knowledge, fact-checking, proving Integrating insights, knowing, intuition
Dissemination, orchestration, attached to process In-gathering, release attachment to how, outcome
Waiting for approval, permission and activation from external source Self-mastery, inner activation, inside-out approach
Always in need of healing You are well
Must go to the temple You are the temple
Life is hard Life is easy
Disregard for Earth, dominion over Earth, we must rescue Earth Appreciation for, honor, care, love for and partnership with Earth
We pray for a time We direct, manifest our destiny
Resistance, bitterness, apathy Allowing, acceptance, gratitude
Look to outside rulers Sovereignty within
Limitation and lack Infinite possibilities
Create from model Re-creation, free flow
Finite time / limited space Divine time / sacred space
Disdain, disgust for humanity Deep love for humanity
Better than / less than All are magnificent, uniquely gifted
Earn the right, elitist All choice are available to all
Sinners Held in infinite grace
Separate from nature Connection to nature
Fear / Doubt Faith
Despair Hope
Neglect Love
Sickness / Pain Healing
Stagnation Growth
Indifference Passion
Withering, contraction Beauty / radiant expansion
Sign from without Seed from within
Linear, one thing at a time Quantum, multi-dimensionality
Rooted in the practical and the predictable Rooted in the magical and miraculous
Some people make it, some don’t Everybody has the opportunity
Disillusionment, unwillingness to change, giving up and giving out Embrace a new truth, find a new way forward, giving over, trust
Live in past, hope for future Joy in present
Succumb to attacks, real or perceived, outer and inner terrorists Stand in unshakable power of soul, appreciation for unfoldment of all
Deterioration, decay Upgraded reality
Death, segmented experiences, endings The end we perceive is merely a beginning again
External, mysterious forces beyond our control create our reality Energetic frequency, vibration creates your reality
Roles, identities and other defining descriptors of limitation Expanded capacity for the infinite soul
Five senses Multisensory experience
Noise, confusion Stillness
Connect externally to know self Innerconnectivity
Shrinking world, shackled, constrained Ever-expanding array of choice, expansion, growth
External authority, learning from “experts” Inner Intelligence, intuition

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